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We are very passionate about helping the Youth regain their health so they can explore their highest potential, be more creative, and then help others. Our Founder loves to sing, so she sings at her public events/training. Event participants choose the song for each event & sing along!
Created the Character Counts Musical (a singing and performing group of students & staff), in 2014 in Los Angeles California to empower and instill confidence in the lives of students. Parents always send feedback on how their son’s or daughter’s self-esteem has improved due to their participation in this program.

Created a ‘Get Fit’ program in 2011 in Los Angeles California. Get Fit program is a Health Intervention program that has been helping students, staff and parents significantly improve their health. At the Get Fit program, there’s collaboration with staff and parents at the school exchanging healthy eating ideas, baking healthy bread and cake alternatives as well as making green drinks and blueberry shakes. Many staff and parents share how the healthy drinks and shakes have boosted their energy and overall well-being

You’ll see our programs as: Health Is Timeless, Empower Youth Consultants, EmpYouth Consultants, Autism Life Solutions, ASD Transformation Secrets. Helps people dealing with Anxiety, Depression, High BP, Prediabetes, Weight gain, and many other illnesses.

Our Goals

We are passionate and driven to share what works to produce results in the lives of these awesome children and adults.
We’re driven to work the plan to help ensure they achieve their behavior goals, health goals, etc. & most importantly- begin to live better & happier lives.

We believe that a child with autism can be helped to improve his/her life –by looking at the whole person’s needs (examples: nutritional needs, other diagnoses they may have like ADHD) patiently observing and documenting and then ensuring that adequate structures are put in place to begin to address those needs and gradually help the child to begin to meet his/her goals.

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